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Professional Bio

Need help writing your professional bio? Book a session with me and I’ll write it for you. Includes a phone interview and custom bio written for your LinkedIn, Social Media accounts, website, and marketing materials.
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(30 minutes)
$ 150.00

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Have a project that you need some immediate help with?
Want to run through a proposal, event agenda or speaker session and get some feedback?
Need to schedule a screen share and work on some content together?
Roll up your sleeves and lets do this.
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(1 hour)
$ 185.00

Speakers Corner

Have a keynote, workshop, or training session that needs a little work?
Want some coaching on your graphics, visuals, handouts or delivery?
Need some help creating speaker collateral?
Happy to help!
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(1 hour)
$ 250.00

Marketing Audit

Want a quick audit of your current marketing materials and some suggestions on how to make them more effective and engaging? Need some fresh ideas? Want help with design, images or colors? Need help creating a marketing plan for the upcoming season or year? This is a hands-on session - come prepared to provide samples of your current marketing. (Custom design work will be an extra charge.)
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(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 300.00 IconPowered by